It can be very overwhelming trying to uplevel your online visibility, getting your business seen by the right people is essential for growth but not always an easy task, especially when you are busy actually running your business every day! You probably know the different elements you need but the truth is that getting your online presence to work FOR you requires joined up thinking.

You see, we hear it from business owners all the time, ‘I need a website, I need a logo, I need a copywriter.’ People often see these services as separate entities when in reality an online business is like well oiled machine, one can’t work efficiently without the other pieces in place. In this post we want to share our story, what brought 3 independent mumpreneurs to join forces and create a partnership and how we are providing more than just an online service, we are giving you our ALL!


A is for Alex

Alex is our graphic designer who took the plunge into self employment after her second baby and more than a decade of experience as a graphic designer in the corporate world. She now runs Happy Elephant Creative and just loves the work she does and the clients she works with, producing eye catching and aligned logos, social media graphics and marketing materials. Her business allows Alex to work in her zone of genius and when she gets feedback from clients like this it makes it all worthwhile!

“I have just received my new business logo and its wonderful! It was not problem at all if I wanted to tweak bits of it, and colours. I was probably a complete nightmare as I knew what I wanted but Alex took it in her stride and was incredibly professional and helpful. Thank you very much Happy Elephant Creative!” – Jenny Giles of Jenny Giles Photography

The problem that Alex recognised was that if these beautiful logos were put on websites that don’t get traffic or a Facebook page that doesn’t get any engagement, it was wasted. Afterall, what’s the point in looking awesome if no-one sees you?

L is for Lisa (Rees)

Lisa Rees is a valley girl with a big heart who is killing it online Most people know Lisa as her alter ego the Website Wonder Woman. Lisa specialises in WordPress and is a world away from the techy geek speak of other website designers, Lisa’s down to earth and upfront approach enables her to take the overwhelm out of web design as she supports her clients to take over the world wide web.

Clients like Amanda…

“I have been working with Lisa for a couple of years now. She saved me after a very bad experience with a website designer and has given me unfaltering support since then. As well as looking after my overall website, she has helped me to build a membership structure on the site and a business directory and all the integration that goes with this. She is professional, friendly and nothing is too much trouble for her. She always comes up with a problem to a solution. I would highly recommend her to anybody that needs a new website or is thinking of setting up a membership for their business.Amanda Ayres, The Business Girls Network

Despite Lisa’s success she too saw a fatal flaw in the work she was doing for some people. The techy website bit was important but if their branding was off message or the copy sucked then it didn’t matter how easy it was to navigate the site. Lisa recognises what her skills are but alone she couldn’t solve these problems.

L is for Lisa (Barry)

The second L in this collaboration comes from another Lisa and this one is the word master of the group. Her business, Lisa Barry Online has been going for 5 years and she is super passionate about helping her clients build relationships that lead to sales through the power of words, clients like Jen…

‘Your a genius, I LOVE you. Wow! Just! F**king! Wow!!!! THANK you for so brilliantly getting me- I’m physically having a reaction over here. I’m incredibly beyond moved at what you created. I’m just so honoured to work with you, Lisa. Consider that we are now soul sisters for life.’ Jenifer Narragon Life Coach

Once again though she found the same problem as Lisa and Alex. Her copy was only one piece of the puzzle so no matter how good the words were if they were on a website or social media channel that was out of alignment with the business, they were falling on deaf ears.

ALL of them struggled with this disconnect for years. They would sometimes refer clients to each other but the result was a clunky service that was difficult to provide.

Then one day at a Bizmum networking meeting in Cwmbran the 3 of them sat down after everyone else had gone and talked for hours. They recognised they despite their different businesses there were such similarities especially when it came to the problems their clients were facing.

So in a hot and sweaty playcentre on a February morning, an idea was born. An idea to unite and bring a connected whole service to those businesses who need it ALL.

ALL Online was born.

So if you are in a place where you want to create an aligned, joined up and high quality online presence for your business then it’s time you had it ALL.