OK, straight up, here at ALL Online we believe in transparent marketing and so before we begin this post let’s turn the whole thing upside down and start with the whole reason we are writing this in the first place – the CTA!

Yes if you read on we will share with you 3 steps you can take today to master the online space BUT we want to share with you more than just 3 measly steps, we want to work with you, face to face and guide you through your own branding, website and copy and give you everything we have so that you feel empowered and informed, ready to take over the world (no nukes required)!

This is why we are running a workshop and networking day in Cardiff on the 25th September, with the incredible support of Jackie Van Baren at JVB Connect, we are putting on an event with the aim of helping our favourite people learn actionable tricks and hacks from the trade that they can use to get ALL they desire from their online business.

Between the 4 of us we are creating a fun, interactive and practical event with yummy food provided by Milk and Sugar and networking at the end.

During the session you will get the opportunity to effectively audit your design, website and copy and leave with clear guidance on how to improve conversions. You will leave feeling inspired, motivated and connected not to mention empowered by new expert knowledge that has the potential to have an immediate impact on your business. All this for £50!

So if you jumping up and down right now waving your hands in the air shouting ‘ME ME ME’ then be aware there are only 12 spaces so book your place today to avoid disappointment.



Right then now that’s out the way, let’s get on with business. What can you do TODAY to improve your design, website and copy.



The design aspect of your brand is so much more than your logo; it is the aesthetics that extend through your website, your literature, and your Social Media.

One part of this picture is the fonts you use. To take action today, go through your branding and check that you use the same fonts throughout. This includes your website copy, printed literature, video graphics, blogs and social media images.

If this process makes you realise that you been inconsistent with fonts then I strongly recommend just making a decision and sticking to one or two. Even if you are not 100% happy with them, stay with them until you have chosen ones that you love and then make the switch. Consistency speak volumes when connecting with your ideal client.

In the workshop on the 25th we will be conducting a full practical audit of your branding and give you clear guidance of how to communicate your message with ease to build trust and familiarity.The changes you make as a result will lead to solid connections that convert.



So you have a website but it’s just sitting there doing nothing and you know you should be doing something with it but you have no idea what!

Do you have everything you need on your website? Is it all working correctly? Are you keeping track of who is visiting your site and where they are coming from?

We will be covering all of this in the workshop but right now take a moment to go into your website and explore your stats. What is the most visited page? What blogs have performed best? Where are people going when they get to your website?

These questions are just the beginning, when we know how people are engaging with our website then we can take action to make it even more engaging. When it comes to becoming a Website Wonder Woman, ignorance is definitely not bliss!

We will also cover how to update and backup your website as well as with basic SEO techniques to start driving traffic. After all there is no point having a beautiful website that no one can see.

You will walk away with a clear list of actions to do (if we don’t get them done on the day) alongside the skills and knowledge to complete those tasks and manage your website on an ongoing basis.



As a copywriter the number one problem that my clients find writing their own copy is they use their own language and not the language their ideal client is using. You see, to buy from you, your audience has to make a connection with you, they have to feel that you understand them and relate to where they are right now.

You are the expert in your industry, you know more than them but don’t just try to impress them with your superior knowledge this will potentially confuse and overwhelm them. They simply want to know that you ‘get them’ and you can help solve their problem.

I have many strategies to help you identify their language and practically apply it to your copy (find out more about this in the workshop) but today I will share with you one simple thing you can do. Open a word document and when you are asked a question or you see an ideal client reach out on social media for help in your area of expertise, copy and paste their language into this document. It won’t be long till you have an incredible copy resource. Pay attention to their wording, to the emotions they are expressing, what are the common themes?

This is a working document that you can keep adding to and refer to again and again. It’s especially useful when planning your content marketing strategy or writing website copy.

ALL Online  in Cardiff

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